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Way of the Koi offers compassion based training and Continuing Professional Development for Birth Workers in Bristol and beyond.

By threading Way of the Koi principles throughout your practice you will find yourself imparting to your clients a quiet and compassionate confidence that empowers them to work in partnership with their care givers and to remain fluid and calm in their journey.

“Thank you Nicola for an inspiring workshop.  I learnt so much and yet your message is so simple!  I loved the style of your teaching and I am left feeling very excited about incorporating everything I learnt into my practice." - Victoria (Doula)

Compassionate Birth Worker Training

Preparing for Compassionate Birth

Compassionate Hypnobirthing & Rebozo

Postnatal Well-being Spa & Infant Feeding

Rebozo (RCM accredited)

Rebozo Instructors Training for Midwives

Compassionate Postpartum

Pregnancy Loss: Sealing & Healing

Reflective Supervision for Birth Workers

In the beginners mind there are many possibilities;

In the experts mind there are few.”  - Shynryu Suzuki

Nicola trained in the therapeutic use of Compassion based and Mindfulness techniques during the 9 years she spent working as a Specialist Midwife for women affected by drug and alcohol misuse in Hackney, east London. Although the training centred around working within drug and alcohol services it didn’t take much for her to connect the dots and realise their potential when applied to birth. Compassionate Birth practices represent a move away from the ego-centric or guru-led approaches to birth preparation. Research tells us that developing a compassionate mind-set builds our confidence and helps us to create meaningful and nurturing relationships with ourselves and with others, including our clients and their other birth supporters. Way of the Koi encourages and supports a cross fertilisation of skills and knowledge between disciplines and by joining the Facebook group you can join our community of Midwives, Doulas, Hypnobirthing teachers and Birth Workers of all persuasions to benefit from our combined wisdom and sisterhood.

Way of the Koi for self-care and discovery

How can we care for our clients if we don't care for ourselves?

Way of the Koi is a means of self-care and discovery which encourages self-compassion and a beginner mind.  We have all the answers we really need within us and Way of the Koi is a powerful way of accessing this bone-wisdom.

Way of the Koi fuses hypnosis and neo-shamanic technique with meditation practice to create a powerful tool for accessing the deep waters of our subconscious, for here resides our bone knowing.

Some of the benefits of making Way of the Koi a regular practice may be:

  • Increased self-compassion (when you are motivated by self-compassion, failure is not an indicator of defeat, but a learning opportunity)
  • Stress reduction and increased oxytocin production (great traits in a Birth Worker or a Soul Midwife!)
  • Deepened understanding of ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses
  • Opportunities for self development
  • Reduced need to control or compete needlessly
  • Increased capacity to 'hold space' for others
  • Greater awareness of egoic behaviours (in both ourselves and others) and increased ability to respond with compassion
  • Joy and wonder! see the world a-new with a beginners mind

Scroll down to hear a live recording of  a 15 minute Way of the Koi Journey Meditation from May 2017.

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Journey with Intention - a Way of the Koi Journey Meditation from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.

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