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What is the Way of the Koi?

The Way of the Koi is a simple, compassion based approach to holding space for others during their birth journey; this includes pregnancy loss.  It is a mind-set; a philosophy if you will.  It's about tools, not rules.  Through the compassion based principles which are threaded throughout our courses and workshops you will be encouraged to embrace your personal journey without judgement, enter into a journey of self-discovery and learn to meet others where they are without agenda. We use the legend of the Koi to illustrate a self-compassionate, fluid approach to Birth Work.

The legend of the Koi teaches us to never waver in our determination, yet remain fluid. The Koi cannot swim if rigid; she would be unable to navigate the waters as she encounters them. The Koi teaches us to swim past our obstacles in quiet determination. The Koi does not ‘go with the flow’ (only dead fish go with the flow) but it follows its own instincts; up stream. This is an ancient tale of a journey with meaning and purpose; a journey requiring bravery, perseverance and strength of purpose which ultimately leads to transition and transformation.

“Thank you Nicola for an inspiring workshop.  I learnt so much and yet your message is so simple!  I loved the style of your teaching and I am left feeling very excited about incorporating everything I learnt into my practice." - Victoria (Doula)

Nicola trained in the therapeutic use of Compassion based and Mindfulness techniques during the 9 years she spent working as a Specialist Midwife for women affected by drug and alcohol misuse in Hackney, east London. Although the training centred around working within drug and alcohol services it didn’t take much for her to connect the dots and realise their potential when applied to birth. Compassionate Birth practices represent a move away from the ego-centric or guru-led approaches to birth preparation. Research tells us that developing a compassionate mind-set builds our confidence and helps us to create meaningful and nurturing relationships with ourselves and with others, including our clients and their other birth supporters. Way of the Koi encourages and supports a cross fertilisation of skills and knowledge between disciplines and by joining the Facebook group you can join our community of Midwives, Doulas, Hypnobirthing teachers and Birth Workers of all persuasions to benefit from our combined wisdom and sisterhood.  

By threading Way of the Koi principles throughout your practice you will find yourself imparting to your clients a quiet and compassionate confidence that empowers them to work in partnership with their care givers and to remain fluid and calm in their journey.


Rebozo Instructors Training for Midwives

Compassionate Postpartum

Pregnancy Loss: Sealing & Healing

Reflective Supervision for Birth Workers

Way of the Koi draws deeply upon the philosophy of Shoshin (初心), a concept in Zen Buddhism meaning "beginner's mind." It refers to having an attitude of openness, eagerness, and lack of preconceptions when studying a subject, even when studying at an advanced level, just as a beginner in that subject would.

Welcome to Way of the Koi.

In the beginners mind there are many possibilities;

In the experts mind there are few.”  - Shynryu Suzuki

Reflective Supervisionsessions for Birth Professionals are available.

Way of the Koi offers workshops inCompassionate Postpartum Careas well as the UK's first RCM accreditedRebozo workshop.

Coming in 2017:

Compassionate Birth Worker Training

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Includes opportunities for advance practitioner training and mentoring.

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Dementia and End of Life


"Heron teaches us majesty. Not in the pompous, arrogant and over-inflated sense, but in the literal sense. Heron teaches us how to carry ourselves with a sense of pride and dignity, to love ourselves non-pretentiously, and to take the time to share our dignity, our time, and our compassion with others." - Wildspeak

The heron is associated in many ancient north European and British cultures with journeying between the realms.  The modern 'hang over' from this can be seen as represented in the stork who brings the  happy mother her 'bundle of joy'. A largely forgotten and ancient association is with the final journey at the end of our life in this realm; as the heron flies you home.  There is also resonance in the journey through dementia as this can some times be made sense of when we understand that an individual is experiencing life in another realm while still physically here with us.

DEMENTIA SUPPORT: Way of the Heron delivers workshops for Carers of people on this journey using person centredness and simple human connection. You will be invited to engage in self compassion; you will be encouraged to develop and use your own breath work for creating a sense of personal calm.

Professional carers can also access Reflective Supervision sessions.  

Relaxation and self-care sessions are available for those caring for loved ones.

END OF LIFE Self care workshops are for those caring for family or clients in the later days of their life journey. You will be invited to engage in self compassion; you will be encouraged to develop and use breath work for creating a personal space for peace and self compassion.  Professional carers can access Reflective Supervision sessions.

Join our community of like minded, compassion focused people at Way of the Heron on Facebook.


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