PostHolding Space for Birth

Holding Space for Birth Space holders often have a natural tendency for the work, but the skills can be learnt. In fact, if you want to learn you are almost guaranteed to be able to do it. Those that can't (yet) learn are those that generally cant even see the work let alone understand or […]

PostFAQ Hypnobirthing Teacher Training

I don't have a background in birth work; will this be a problem? Not at all.  Just let me know at booking so that we can discuss your unique needs.  I keep my student numbers very low (no more that two training programmes a year) which means I have the capacity to work closely with […]

PostDay Two in the Compassionate Birth House!

This is my second post explaining a bit more about the Compassionate Birth Worker.  The next course starts in September 2017 and many of the lovely people applying for places have had some questions which I thought I would answer publicly so that everyone can benefit from the information. The Course is broken down into […]

PostDay One in the Compassionate Birth House!

Part one of the Compassionate Birth Worker Training is a two-day immersive event called Preparing for Compassionate Birth.  By the end of the event students are equipped to deliver Preparing for Compassionate Birth workshops with their clients either as part of the larger Compassionate Birth programme or as individual workshops from as early as 12 […]

PostCompassionate Birth Work: beginners mind

I was lucky enough to get along to the Doula UK conference at the week end and connect with some incredibly warm and inspiring birth workers.  I spent 22 years as a Midwife but the conference has taught me once again that I’d probably rather like to be a Doula when I grow up. One […]

PostMy hands are ageing

My hands are ageing.   Born in Cornwall on the Summer solstice of 1970 my hands are now 46 years old. My hands have climbed trees, plaited hair, dug in the dark moist earth and picked daisies. They have learnt to swim, to write and wipe salty tears from my cheeks.   My hands have […]

PostPreparing for Breastfeeding: get a great milk supply!

Ok so I’ve broken my own rule in the title of this post; because a bug-bear of mine is that we start looking at things all wrong when our starting point is ‘feeding’; this over-looks the fact that before we can breastfeed our baby, we need to produce some breastmilk (to lactate) in the first […]