Compassionate Birth Workshops by Skype – Way of the Koi / 07904 658 664

Beautiful bespoke birth classes suitable from as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy onwards.

Join Nicola Nelson (midwife and hypnotherapist) on a journey of self-exploration and learning with the unique Compassionate Birth Classes by Skype. You will receive your resources electronically in advance of each session as well as lots of supporting resources such as videos and audio files of the specially created Journey Meditations.

You may want to start exploring your feelings around birth before it's practical to start a Hypnobirthing course or perhaps you have particular issues around a previous birth experience or your own experiences of being parented. I am often approached by women whose instincts and insights are serving them well; they know that they have some deep work that they need to begin in pregnancy but where to start?  You are very welcome to contact me either by phone or email (Some times it can be an important part of the journey to actually write your story-so-far out in an email) and we can talk about whether Compassionate Birth Workshops are the right place for you to begin your journey.

These exploratory and nurturing workshops aim to enhance your wellbeing as you journey through early pregnancy and provide a safe space from which to set out towards your own Compassionate Birth experience.  Each session provides a framework which allows you to explore any particular needs or concerns you may have.  Sessions can be arranged at intervals to suit you:

  • Self-Compassion
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Language
  • Birth Art
  • labyrinth Work (this includes a half hour follow-up reflection session once you have completed the labyrinth work)
  • Self-Care

Individual sessions cost £30 each and each one works as a stand alone session so no need to do the entire course; if one or two particular session stand out for you then you can do just these.

What is Compassionate Birth?

Compassionate Birth is a self-compassion based approach to preparing for birth rather than a one-size-fits-all programme. It’s a mind-set; a philosophy if you will.  It’s about tools, not rules. Through the compassion based principles which are threaded throughout your workshops you will be encouraged to embrace your personal birth journey without judgement and you will consider how you can respond respectfully and compassionately in the future to the birth stories of others. Compassionate Birth is not outcome focused; it's focused on how you feel about that outcome and empowers you to optimize your birth experience.  Birth is beautiful in all its manifestations and deserves to be celebrated as such.

Learning about not only the anatomy and physiology of birth but also how our primitive ‘caveman’ chemical responses influence birth enables you to connect with, trust and celebrate your body in a transformative and compassionate way that stays with you for life.

Engaging in a birth preparation course can sometimes add to the pressure we feel around birth; “What if I get it wrong?” “What if I can’t remember the techniques I have learnt?” “I bet everyone else in the class will do so much better than me” and so on. Self-compassion moves us away from this place to a place of self-acceptance and empowerment.

These exploratory and nurturing classes aim to enhance your wellbeing as you journey through early pregnancy.

Pregnancy, birth and the postpartum are not periods of our lives where superficial strategies are any help; these are life changing experiences and using self-compassion to navigate these waters is powerful medicine, having a Compassionate Birth Worker to guide and nurture you gives you the space to find your own power.

You will learn some simple strategies which you can use in birth but you will also create some tools of your own as we go along.

The cost of sessions include:

  • Electronic copies of the course hand-outs
  • Unlimited downloads of the unique Compassionate Birth Mp3 audio files

If you would like to find out about Way of the Koi Compassionate Hypnobirthing by Skype please click on the highlighted text to visit my pages or phone me on 07904 658 664.