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The Compassionate Birth Worker Training is an immersive, heart centred training course which prepares you to hold space for pregnant women, to meet them where they are and to teach both the Compassionate Birth programme and the Compassionate Hypnobirthing programme.

The two 'parts' are available to book individually. To find out about booking the individual elements please click on the relevant section:

To take part in the Full Compassionate Birth Worker Training you will engage in a total of: 4 days Face to Face training plus online learning with assessments.

If you choose to pay for the entire course (parts one and two) at booking the total price is reduced to: £1000. 

Payment plans can be arranged with the aim that your fees are paid in full by the start of your course.

When making your application you will be asked to include:

  • History of birth work or relevant life experiences. If you don't have any formal Birth Worker Training please give me a call to discuss your needs and wishes as it is important to me that all aspiring Birth Workers are fully and individually supported as you set out on this amazing journey. It may be enough for you to do a Birth Foundation session with me before hand (I don't charge for this if you are planning on doing the full Compassionate Birth Worker Training) or you may want something more bespoke and individual. I am able to offer part 2 Compassionate Hypnobirthing as a private 1 to 1 training if you feel that this is right for you.  I keep my student numbers small (no more 4 complete programme per year) to ensure that I am able to offer the right level of mentorship for you as you grow in confidence feel empowered to bring Compassionate Birth Services to the women of your community.  If you want to get started today check out my free online course: the 5 Day Pelvis Challenge!
  • If applying for a scholarship place you will be asked for a statement about your reasons for applying and how training will benefit your community or how you plan to pay-it-forward.

Early Pregnancy Classes & Support: Compassionate Birth sessions support women to explore and ease into pregnancy and birth preparations using a combination of mindfulness, self-compassion and Hypnobirthing techniques from as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy.

Hypnobirthing: Do you want to take hypnobirthing to the next level? Become a Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher.  Develop a deepened practice using specially crafted, compassionate-mindfulness based scripts and techniques to guide your clients in inducing a calm and compassionate mind-set for birth and far beyond.


The Compassionate Birth programme can be delivered as either private bespoke sessions, group sessions or a combination of both with a variety of price points to enable Compassionate Birth Workers to meet the needs of all the women in their communities.  There is even a pre-built skype format available to use with your clients.

This course is suitable for those with and existing background in Birth Work. Applications are considered from those who have no previous formal training in birth work but you must be able to demonstrate in your application how your life experience has prepared you for the role; this must be something beyond having had a baby oneself. Way of the Koi takes an ethical stance on this; Birth Work can be challenging and so we consider it unethical to send unprepared, minimally trained practitioners out into their communities, both for their own wellbeing and the wellbeing of their clients.

It is important to us that this type of education remains affordable and so payment plans are available.  There is one scholarship place available per annum.  The two 'parts' of the course can also be booked individually allowing practitioners the opportunity to complete the course in sections over time.

Compassionate Birth Workers are encouraged and supported to include and evolve their existing skills, experience and knowledge into their classes and support.  The Compassionate Birth programme has a core frame work which your clients can expect to experience but individual teachers will bring their own expertise to their practice.  Teachers are also empowered to use a variety of tools such as a choice of hypnobirthing scripts depending on the individual needs of the client making their classes totally bespoke. New scripts are regularly created and shared with Practitioners through the Compassionate Birth Network.

Advance training is provided for those who wish to go on to create their own hypnobirthing scripts and in the spirit of Way of the Koi you will be encouraged to share these for use by all in the Compassionate Birth Network Repository.

There is no annual registration fee; once you have completed your training you are a member of the Compassionate Birth Network for life.

The course Mp3’s are made freely available to Compassionate Birth Workers to distribute to their clients (there is no charge for this) and you are given permission to re-record the scripts in your own voice for your clients if you wish (acknowledgment of Way of the Koi is kindly requested).

Reflective Supervision: Two reflective supervision sessions are offered for free in the first year of qualifying.  Further ongoing reflective supervision sessions are available as many times as an individual Practitioner requires at the standard hourly rate.  This is in addition to the year of mentoring from Nicola (Midwife & Hypnotherapist) and the peer support available through the Compassionate Birth Work Network which Practitioners are invited to join.

As a Practitioner, you will be encouraged and supported to develop your own style and to draw upon your existing skills and knowledge. Although trained in the ‘way of the koi’ each Compassionate Birth Worker has their own ’way’ and offers their own exclusive package drawing on their particular areas of expertise.  Regardless of whether your client choses private or group classes, the core elements will remain the same.

Training Programme: Preparing to be a Compassionate Birth Worker is an immersive process which requires authenticity and a willingness to explore your own agendas, beliefs and triggers.  Engaging fully in the exercises which you will teach your clients is an important and powerful part of the process and benefits you too in achieving a more mindful and compassionate state.  Compassionate Birth Workers teach from a place of compassionate authenticity and a safe space is created for you in which to learn, evolve and nurture yourself during your training programme

Holistic Postnatal Sessions: I often find that women have so enjoyed the Compassionate Birth programme that they want to continue working with the positive energy that the programme has generated for them even after their baby is born. As a Compassionate Birth Worker you have the option to go on to train to deliver the lovingly crafted Compassionate Postnatal Wellbeing Spa which brings the journey full circle and seals the birth experience. It is so fulfilling to witness the closing of the circle and be instrumental in setting each mother upon the path of parenthood equipped with tools and strategies that you are confident will empower, nurture and sustain her well on her journey. This training is available only to Way of the Koi trained Compassionate Birth Workers and is arranged as-and-when there is an appropriate sized group of Birth Workers wanting to undertake it.  It takes one full day and costs £150.

Teaching Breastfeeding Skills: The Compassionate Birth Programme also offers you the opportunity to go on to develop the skills to teach the Preparing for Successful Breastfeeding course. This is a very unique offering. Nicola (Midwife @ Way of the Koi) is a trained UNICEF breastfeeding supporter and has completed the UNICEF Train the Trainer course. She draws on her years of supporting and teaching breastfeeding skills (she was previously the breastfeeding skills assessor for Community Midwifery Services @ the Homerton Hospital, Hackney, east London) to bring you this accessible and family friendly teaching session. As a back up resource, Compassionate Birth Workers who have completed this additional training programme also have access to the video Course Preparing for Successful Breastfeeding which you can arrange free access to for your clients to support the learning they did in your session. This training is available only to Way of the Koi trained Compassionate Birth Workers and is arranged as-and-when there is an appropriate sized group of Birth Workers wanting to undertake it.  It takes one full day and costs £160.

Classes take place in Bristol unless you are booking private tuition in your own home.

Additional and advanced Practitioner Trainings:



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