PostDay Two in the Compassionate Birth House!

This is my second post explaining a bit more about the Compassionate Birth Worker.  The next course starts in September 2017 and many of the lovely people applying for places have had some questions which I thought I would answer publicly so that everyone can benefit from the information. The Course is broken down into three parts and each part can be signed up to separately (click on the titles below to learn more:)

Today we are going to look at the second day of Part One: Preparing for Compassionate Birth.  At the end of this course Compassionate Birth Workers will be trained to deliver a series of antenatal workshops which support women to use Compassionate Mindfulness to prepare for their birth.  The workshops are suitable for women regardless of the type of birth they are planning and can be offered from as early as 12 weeks of pregnancy.  You are also given access to some supportive tools to use when delivering the workshops to the women of your community.

Learning objectives and outcomes are to:

  • Understand the importance of language in birth work (and learn how to manage negative language!)
  • Learn how to use Birth Art with your clients
  • Learn how to use labyrinth work
  • Experience Bubble Breathing and learn how to teach it
  • Skills for self-care (both for you and how to teach your clients this)
  • Experience the benefit of a Hypnotherapy session – ‘Becoming a Confident Practitioner: The Gift’

You will be given the opportunity to explore the ready-made teaching tools for your use when delivering Preparing for Compassionate Birth workshops and given access to the online resources section of this website.

The Power of Language: We start by examining our own use of language before considering how this has the power to affect our own mindset as well as influence those around us.  We then explore the language of autonomy, using positive language and how to reframe using some simple exercises.

Birth Art: Using art as a form of self-exploration in pregnancy and as preparation for birth is an incredibly powerful tool even if suggesting it sends a shiver down some peoples’ spines!  "I can't draw" they will say, but by using carefully selected projects to guide and empower them to tune into their inner voice they soon come to cherish their creations.  Compassionate Birth Workers do not analyse art work but we support our clients to find its meaning for them-selves.  Birth Art is also used to support clients to start preparing for parenthood (not just birth!) which is frequently overlooked in antenatal classes.

Labyrinth Work: Close to where I grew up in North Cornwall, a labyrinth was discovered in Rocky Valley in 1948, carved into a rock face and hidden for who-knows-how-long beneath the undergrowth. The symbol of the labyrinth is classically associated with journeys of transition from one world to another, one stage of life to another.  Learn to use this ancient tool to support and guide the women of your community as they not only approach birth but as they begin to consider how they will integrate their birth experience into their new reality post birth.

Self-Care: is about honouring, respecting and nourishing the self. How can we encourage and guide our clients to engage in this if we don't embody our message?  Learn to support women to fit self-care into their lives in practical and simple ways that they will be able to carry forward even into the all-consuming early days of parenthood and beyond. Learn to offer a simple relaxation script to women which will empower them to connect with their unborn baby and begin to embrace where they are on their journey rather than where they think they should be.  This session includes information on how to teach the SAFE use of aromatherapy in pregnancy.

We end the day with a Hypnotherapy session just for you: make yourself comfortable, close your eyes, take three deep breaths into the lower part of your abdomen and relaaaax.  Let me take you on a journey to realise your own potential and the unique gifts you bring to birth work and the women of your community.

 Join me next time as we start to delve into Part Two: Way of the Koi Hypnobirthing.  This is a 2-day training but with a pre-course online module which teaches you a solid grounding in the principles of Hypnotherapy on which you can build your Hypnobirthing skills.