About Nicola Nelson Midwife & Cornish Cunning Woman

"At birth we cry. At death we understand why" - Bulgarian Proverb

I was born upon lava rock in the north of Cornwall on the summer solstice of 1970. My father is of Cornish and Irish decent, my mother’s lineage migrated down from the granite and isolation of Dartmoor to west Devon and north Cornwall in my Great Grandparents generation.  Their names are French so we assume of Norman heritage. On both sides of my family, my ancestors were people of the land (and occasionally the sea); copper miners, gun-power makers, farm labourers, fishermen, hedge weavers, builders and gardeners to name but a few.

I work in the tradition of the Cornish Cunning Woman or Pellar (Wise Woman) offering deep and compassionate care at both first breath and last breath; my objective is to bring compassion and heart centredness to my work and to empower others to do the same.  As a Sage Femme; my work encompasses those at both ends of the life spectrum. I am a natural Space Holder; allowing each persons story and experience to unfold without judgement or direction and my passion is to lead by example in combining human connection and compassion with professionalism and accountability.  I practice self compassion and part of my self care is creating space for drumming on my faithful horse skin drum or practicing Journey meditation.

Every person I work with is living their own unique story and carries their own wisdoms. I approach each with a beginners mind and in so doing am privileged to make each one my teacher.

Midwife: I most recently worked as a Community Midwife Team Leader in Hackney, east London and have been a Midwife for 22 years and a Registered Nurse for 27 years.  Born in Cornwall; my career has taken me from Devon to the Australian Out Back to inner City London and a few other places besides.  I trained as a  Hypnobirthing Practitioner  (Dip.Hb) with KG Hypnobirthing in 2012.  I am trained in the use of Rebozo scarf massage, Western Medical Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Aromatherapy in my Midwifery practice.  I am an enthusiastic Mentor of Midwives and aspiring Birth Workers, hold the Nursing & Midwifery Teaching & Assessing qualification (997) and several other training certificates. I am an experienced breastfeeding supporter having trained with UNICEF, also going on to complete the UNICEF Train the Trainer programme.  I also gained skills and formal training in numerous therapeutic techniques during my 9 years working as a Specialist Midwife in Drug and Alcohol Services including, Compassionate Mindfulness and Motivational Interviewing Technique. I am a trained Practice Supervisor with particular skills in Safeguarding Supervision having trained with the NSPCC.

I have a special interest in supporting women around postnatal nurturance and pregnancy loss. I am the author of The Easy Guide to Rebozo for birth and my Rebozo workshop for Birth Workers is the first in the UK to be RCM accredited.

I have drawn on my skills, knowledge, experience and passion to create my legacy course; the Compassionate Birth Worker training programme which launches in September 2017.

Soul Midwife:  I currently have the privilege of working part time as a Hospice Nurse. I am a trained Soul Midwife and Professional (general) Hypnotherapist (Dip.Hyp).  I apply my skills of Compassionate Mindfulness to this loving work. I work along side my lifelong friend Angela Conway providing heart centred compassionate care to the dying and their families as the West Country Soul Midwives.

Sensory Journey: Since relocating to Bristol I have made a return to Nursing working for a period as the Deputy Manager of a Dementia Unit. I now work in partnership with Angela to bring the Sensory Journey experience to local Care Homes to those living with dementia.  This unique service offers clients an immersive sensory experience based on an individual Sensory Care Plan.


Easy Guide to Rebozo by Nicola Nelson Midwife. Book 1 in the Way of the Koi Series

Easy Guide to Rebozo by Nicola Nelson Midwife. Book 1 in the Way of the Koi Series



Nicola Nelson 07904 658 664  nicola.nelson@wayofthekoi.com
RN, RM, Dip He(m), MHbA, UNICEF certificate in the management of breastfeeding, member of the Association of Radical Midwives and the Hypnobirthing Association, certificate in aromatherapy applied to Midwifery Practice, certificate in Moxibustion for breech presentation. Rebozo Practitioner and Compassionate Post Partum Practitioner.

Nicola's Midwifery and Nursing Qualifications are registered with The Nursing and Midwifery Council www.nmc-uk.org

Professional indemnity Insurance provided by the Royal College of Nursing www.rcn.org.uk

She has written a module for the Department of Health's Healthy Child Programme:  www.e-lfh.org.uk/projects/healthychild/