One size does not fit all - Hypnobirthing Classes as unique as you are

Private Hypnobirthing course with an experienced Midwife and Hypnotherapist

£190 for the full course or as a refresher at £50 per session.

"The compassionate focus was really important in addressing anxieties surrounding birth.  This aspect of the course was so vital, as it allowed us to realise, confront and challenge preconceptions that may have prevented us from really accessing the benefits that hypnobirthing can offer.  On this theme, Nicola's vast experience not only in midwifery, but as a therapist, helped us to challenge negative thinking as well as preconceptions about birth."   - Emily Gutierrez, Spain, 2017

What is it and how does it work?

This is a private Hypnobirthing course with Nicola Nelson (Midwife & Hypnotherapist) which delivers Face to Face birth education to you and your birth partner across four, one hour sessions delivered to you via Skype. Uniquely The Compassionate Hypnobirthing Programme is also suitable for women choosing to do their course alone with a set of techniques designed to make you self-sufficient and in control of your own relaxation. Additional resources include:

The audio files for each of the relaxations for you to download and listen to as many times as you like

PDF copies of the Powerpoint presentation for each session - I have my copy at my end and we work through them together.

Video links of hypnobirths for you to watch in your own time

Unlimited access to a secure area on my website where you can download further resources, watch videos and get help with practicing your techniques

Access to my video course 'Preparing for Successful Breastfeeding' (worth £48).

During your one hour Hypnobirthing sessions via Skype we get to know one another and ensure that you are confident to apply the hypnobirthing techniques and discuss any unique issues or concerns you may have.

I am also available to support your practice following completion of the course by phone or email.

As a companion to the course I recommend that you buy a copy of Mindful Hypnobirthing by Sophie Fletcher but if you already have a book about Hypnobirthing by another author we can continue to work with that.

You will need either a Skype address or Face Time.  Just let me know which you prefer to use in advance and check that your connection works before our first session!

To find out more about what Hypnobirthing is and how it can help you visit this page

Hypnobirthing Classes by Skype offer the most accessible way to learn Hypnobirthing. Skype Classes enable you to access the course in a way that flexes around your life.  They offer all the advantages of an online course but they are delivered in person by a Midwife.  This means that the content can be tailored to suit you and your unique personal circumstances.

“Having left the idea of attending a Hypnobirthing course quite late in my pregnancy, I luckily stumbled across Nicola and Way of the Koi. Nicola suggested that we have sessions via Skype; these sessions were great. Having personal 1:1 Hypnobirthing sessions was a plus, I found it easier to have the confidence to ask any questions and Nicola was a really informative and compassionate teacher. I highly recommend the Skype sessions to anyone wanting to learn Hypnobirthing.” - Alyssa Fuller 2016

In addition to our Skype sessions, where you will have ample time to talk about your individual needs, you will also have access to exclusive online videos & audio files (created especially for the course by Nicola).  These cover some of the essential components such as the breathing techniques so that you can revisit them any time if you need to go over them again or need a refresher closer to the birth.

It works really well with either one or two participants. You will have access to all the the resources before-hand so you will have them on hand for each session. You will be granted access to a secure area of my website where you can download your handouts, view inspiring birth videos and watch (and re-watch) instructional videos in case you need to rung through your breathing techniques again.  You will also receive the audio files (mp3's) of all the course scripts; specially written and recorded for the course by Nicola.

This course comes with complimentary access to my video course Preparing for Successful Breastfeeding (usual price £68 when bought separately)

To book your Classes or if you have further questions not answered here please contact me and I'll be happy to help. / 07904 658 

Cost of the Sessions:

Session 1: £50

Session 2: £50

Session 3: £50

Session 4: £50

If you choose to book and pay for the whole course at once, the course is £190

What to do next:

Contact me at or on 07904 658 664 to discuss or to book your sessions and I'll get back to you at the first opportunity.


In the mean time why not check out my free video Guide to creating your birth plan.  Just click here to get instant access.  It's full of useful information and comes with a specially designed Birth Plan Template to get you started.


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