Online Video Classes rock!

They are convenient, you can replay them whenever you want and you can learn in the comfort of your own home (in your jammies if you want!)

Take a look around my course directory to find out about my online video classes now.  Some are even FREE!

If you are an expectant parent you will find information about creating your ultimate birth plan or how to prepare for successful breastfeeding.  There are more classes under development so do check back of you don't find what you are looking for today.  Want to access online hypnobirthing classes?  Click here.

Birth Workers can boost their knowledge too with my 5 Day Pelvis Challenge.  Not only will you increase your confidence in teaching anatomy and physiology of the pelvis you will also create some totally unique teaching tools to make your classes really stand out.  If you are looking for Birth Worker Training please visit my Compassionate Birth Worker Training page where you can find out more about this comprehensive and heart centred training course which prepares you for so much more than just teaching Hypnobirthing.  This training, based in the tradition of Compassionate Mindfulness, empowers you to truly serve the women of your community right from early pregnancy and through to the postnatal period.

Getting the right information before you start breastfeeding can be a challenge and some times it's difficult to take it all in until you've actually got your baby in your arms. That's what makes this course so great: you can go through it all again when you DO HAVE YOUR baby in your arms! In fact, you can go through it as many times and when ever you wish, it's a video course! Yey!

If you have previously done a Hypnobirthing Course by Skype with Nicola please contact her before purchasing as this course is FREE to you!

It makes a great complement to doing a Hypnobirthing course, where breastfeeding isn't always addressed (quite right too; the classes aren't for that). It is also a great supplement to your NHS or NCT breastfeeding classes.

"Polly is latching on well - I'm using your techniques. My community Midwife complimented me and said she thought I must be a second time Mum! I said I'd had some excellent advice from you. So all in all I felt super prepared and your training was just fantastic." - Debbie Foley 2014


Video 1 Getting started
Video 2 Trouble Shooting
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Audio Files:
Hypnobreastfeeding - Natures abundance
Positive Statements for Breastfeeding

PDF Workbooks with clickable links
Brilliant printable resources and sources of further help and information
Access to the Way of the Koi Parents Facebook Group for ongoing support from others who have been there!

A comprehensive and detailed online Birth Foundation Course with email support from course facilitator (Midwife with 22 years experience). This online module is suitable both for Birth professionals seeking a refresher and for aspiring Birth workers. This module is free to…

A FREE online 5 day challenge for Birth Workers. Boost your understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the female pelvis and learn to create your own royalty free images that you can use in your birth classes. Complete it as part of the Compassionate Birth Worker Training and you will also receive personal email support with your learning from Nicola, Midwife @ Way of the Koi and founder of the Compassionate Birth Network.

The Compassionate Birth Worker
Compassionate Birth Classes are a programme of birth exploration, antenatal education and support which draws upon Egan's Three stage model (the skilled helper), deep listening and holding space. The individual sessions include Mindfulness, self-compassion and Labyrinth work for birth.

This is the online Hypnotherapy module for the Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher Training with Way of the Koi. Compassionate Hypnobirthing Training is accessible either through Group Training which takes place twice a year in Bristol (spring and autumn) or through our Private Training Programme at a time to suit you. Both routes offer mentored practice and are especially suitable for those with no prior Birth Work experience or those who feel they would benefit from a bespoke support package as they set out on their new adventure as a Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher. If you would like to arrange a free anatomy and physiology booster session before commencing your training just let me know at booking.

This is the online resources area for the Beyond Rebozo Workshop.  Here you will find the videos and downloads following to your Face-to-Face event.  If you would like to attend a Face-to-Face Beyond Rebozo Workshop workshop please email Nicola on…

FREE online resources for Way of the Koi parents who are planning a Beautiful Caesarean Birth. Welcome!

Your FREE guide to creating a Boss Birth Plan! You are unique so it follows that your birth plan should be too. Get my FREE video course today, download the lovely PDF's that accompany it and start putting together a birth plan that will really support your birth choices, heck it'll even help you sift through those choices and understand what they really mean and what might work for you best.

No matter where or how you plan to birth your baby, this course gives you all you need to know to make evidence and self-compassion based choices that will empower you to step into motherhood in an informed and confident way.

This course is so chock full of information that it's hard to believe it's free, but it is. It's my way of getting my message out there that you DO have choices (even if it doesn't feel like it some times) and even a 'medicalised' birth can be an empowering one if you just know what to ask for and where to go for support.

Join me today and Birth Like a Boss!