Experienced Birth Workers, Antenatal Teachers and Hypnobirthing Teachers often reach a point where they become so adept at building rapport and trust with their clients that it feels natural for there to be a role to play in the woman's life after the birth of her baby. Frustratingly most Birth Education programmes or Birth Worker preparation programmes do not offer that final piece of the picture and allow you to bring your journey with that woman full circle.

It is perfectly normal and healthy for a woman to need some time, tenderness and nurturing in the postnatal period; time to assimilate her birth experience, time for her self-identity to re-calibrate and to honour the work of her body in birthing her baby. The Compassionate Birth Worker training provides you with the tools and skills to facilitate tender nurturing of the post-partum woman through a variety of practices which are brought together in this two day event.  You will also learn how to teach breastfeeding skills in you antenatal classes and support women who choose / need to bottle feed.

As Women we also have a long but often buried history of ritual which when rediscovered can have healing and transformative qualities to it.  This training empowers you to unlock this element if you wish.

Day One We begin by simply defining the postnatal period and establishing the changes taking place from an anatomical and physiological perspective.  We consider too the psyc

We challenge ourselves to understand how Western Culture and tradition has the potential to affect the postnatal woman and how these influences compare with practices and traditions from other cultures.  This leads us naturally in to an opportunity to examine and explore our own ancestral practices.

Once we have moved aside ego and agenda through self-exploration and the use of self-compassion we then set our intent; a powerful element of the course which enables us to distil our thoughts and energies for working in this raw stage of a woman’s mother-journey.  We understand the benefits and power of ritual and how we can be empowered to create our own.

We end the day with an immersion in the Compassionate Postnatal Wellbeing Spa experience which introduces us to the Chakra Light Bath Relaxation; a transformative and nurturing tool which is provided to each Birth Worker for use in her own practice. Experience first hand the compassionate warmth of The Mother Blanket.

You will complete the day with a full set of skills and knowledge which will enable you deliver the Compassionate Postnatal Wellbeing Spa but additionally you will find yourself equipped to bring elements of the practices into your every day birth work.  Many of the simple techniques such as Holding Space and Deep Listening have been tried and tested by Nicola as she drew on them and refined them during her many years as a busy NHS Midwife.

Day Two

Provides you with the skills to teach women how to prepare for successful breastfeeding .  The skills and information provided are easily introduced using a set of readymade teaching tools which you will use to support your classes and will be encouraged and supported to create some of your own!

The PowerPoint used also comes as a PDF for you to give to your clients.

You will learn how to teach women:

·        The Physiology of lactation; how milk is made

·        How a baby feeds

·        How to position & attach (latch) a baby to the breast

·        How much milk a baby needs

·        How to know when your baby is hungry

·        Expressing and storing breastmilk

You will develop the skills to teach breastfeeding skills in a reassuring, non-judgemental way that promotes calm and self-compassion.

We end with an experiential exercise as you immerse yourself in 'Natures Abundance' a lovingly crafted relaxation script for successful breastfeeding.  You are provided with a copy of this script for use with your own clients.


Cost: £350

This event is delivered twice a year (spring and autumn).  To check the dates of the next event please visit this page.

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Cancellations Policy: Fees are non refundable.  A partial refund may be offered in exceptional circumstances and at the discretion of  Way of the Koi.  In the rare event that an event is cancelled by Way of the Koi a full refund is made.