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Coming soon in 2017

Train to deliver a half day workshop to Birth Professionals using RCM accredited teaching materials.

Scarf massage techniques are a simple but effective comfort measure for women; especially in the latent phase of labour.  However, as with everything; there are both potential risks and benefits. UK Women are turning to these low intervention techniques more and more and they work well in combination with other popular birth practices such as hypnobirthing.  Many women first learn about them from a hypnobirthing or other lay antenatal educator.

In their culture of origin the techniques have a reputation as a therapeutic tool; able to reposition a mal positioned baby such as breech or OP. In the hands of a traditional Mexican or Guatemalan Midwife this may be possible but there is currently no scientific evidence to support this or it's safety in UK practice. Within the UK this practice is currently regarded as uninsurable.

This training package ensures that Midwives are able to facilitate the use of the techniques as a comfort measure in a safe and accountable manner and are able to offer women in their care safe and appropriate advice about using the techniques themselves or what to look for when seeking an independent practitioner.

The cost of the training includes access to the RCM accredited teaching materials and a copy of a Practice Guideline ready for adaptation by your NHS Trust.

This Training is open to Midwives only and is suitable for Independent Practitioners, Individual Midwives or for purchase by NHS Trusts.

To register your interest email nicola.nelson@wayofthekoi.com or call me on 07904 658 664