RCM-accredited-RebozoScarf Massage for Pregnancy, Labour & Beyond

The UK's first Royal College of Midwives (RCM) accredited Scarf Massage Workshop for Birth Workers

The Beyond Rebozo Workshop costs £50.

Saturday 3rd March 2018: 10.00am. (open for registration from 09.30) to 13.00pm.

Way of the Koi


BS15 1HE

Saturday 21st April 2018: 10.00am. (open for registration from 09.30) to 13.00pm.

Way of the Koi


BS15 1HE

To book your place please email: nicola.nelson@wayofthekoi.com

This one-of-a-kind workshop is especially designed to assist Birth Workers in using a scarf or similar fabric as a comfort measure in their professional practice here in the UK and is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives, having met their educational standards. By looking at the anatomy and physiology we also start to understand how these techniques may also be of assistance to mothers whose baby is not in an optimal position or where labour appears to have stalled. Suitable for both Midwives, Doulas and Antenatal Educators.

  • Teaches you a practical skill set on which to build your practice
  • Ensures you have a thorough understanding of the relevant anatomy and Physiology
  • Encourages you to develop an analytical mind and to feel confident in applying common sense to using the techniques
  • Considers safety aspects (both for you and your client)
  • Discusses insurance considerations
  • Reviews the evidence
  • Provides a draft Practice Policy should you wish to facilitate the use of scarf massage in your Independent Midwifery practice or NHS Trust
  • Provides access to the online resources via this web site.  Access to the Beyond Rebozo Online Resources Area is for life.  The area is frequently updated with new articles and video giving you an evolving resources which grows with you.

You will need: A partner (ideally but no problem if booking alone), a pen & a long scarf if possible (see video above for ideal dimensions of your scarf, spares are available on the day). You will receive: A set of course notes, a free copy of the course companion ebook, a certificate of attendance, access to the Compassionate Birth Workers FaceBook forum and a wonderful new skill set!

This workshop takes us on a journey of exploration beyond the Rebozo and into our own ancestry where we develop an authentic connection with this symbol of comfort, healing and nurturing.

To learn about the origins of the Rebozo and it's cultural significance please visit my blog.

During this very practical half day workshop you will learn how to apply scarf massage theory to practice, you will develop confidence and discover the benefits of scarf massage first hand. You will probably leave feeling very relaxed so don't plan anything too challenging for the afternoon!

Join me on a journey of exploration of what it means to hold space for someone and of how we can authentically integrate this simple but effective tool into our practice. Be empowered to meet women where they are, not where they, or anyone else, thinks they should be. Compassionate application of this comforting tool feels like coming home.

FREE Rebozo ebook

FREE Rebozo ebook

Due to the launch of the Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher Training course, I will be running a limited amount of Rebozo workshops in 2018.  However if you can't find a date to suite you, you can still experience the workshop by private arrangement.  A minimum of 6 delegates is suggested to ensure the workshop is affordable for you and (depending on travel expenses) usually works out at around £60 each to have me travel to you to deliver the workshop on a week day.

If you would like to arrange a workshop on behalf of your NHS Trust, Birth Centre or University please contact me to discuss the most economical option for you based on a standard fee rather than delegate numbers.

To arrange a workshop in your area you are welcome to either call me: 07904 658 664 or email me: nicola.nelson@wayofthekoi.com


To request a booking form: email me @ nicola.nelson@wayofthekoi.com with your name and a little about yourself: it's wonderful to connect and understand a little about every one!

Join our Facebook Group for Birth Workers and you will find the course enrolment form in the files section.



Nicola trained in the use of Rebozo scarf massage with Gail Tully, the American midwife, author of the Belly Mapping work book and has taught Rebozo as part of the Birth Foundation Programme on the KG Hypnobirthing Teachers Training Course.


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