The Mother Blanket Ceremonial Healing

“A ‘healer’ is not someone you go to FOR healing.

A healer is someone that triggers within you,

your own ability to heal yourself.”


Where does deep healing occur?

In the safest of places, wrapped in a blanket of protection.

In a safe space created through guided journeying, toning, drumming and sacred smoke.

The Mother Blanket creates a ceremonial space for your own transformative healing process. I work with my own ancestors and my spirit guides to Hold Space for you while you access your own healing.  You may experience your own healed ancestors or the presence of your own spirit guides during the ceremony.

You enter into a womb like zone as the Mother Blanket envelops you. You enter a place where your wild soul can release and heal itself, knowing that the Mother Blanket carries you home.

The Mother Blanket invites us to return to the arms of the Great Mother for nurturing, healing or simple space holding; we draw from her what we need.

Experience your own healing energy while embraced in the safety of the Mother Blanket.

Softly holding you; releasing tension and tightness, returning a softness to your body as the Great Mother holds you close.

The Mother Blanket carries you gently home to a place of safe nurturance and self-compassion.

Space is held for you by Nicola, Cornish Pellar, Hypnotherapist, Birth Midwife, Soul Midwife and Transformational Drum Healer.

The Mother Blanket is a unique healing ceremony created by Nicola which draws deeply upon her tradition as a Cornish Pellar (since 1976), combined with hypnotherapy, transformational drum healing and her experiences of working at the two thresholds of life.

Nicola's Cornish heritage is a huge source of inspiration to her and connecting with her ancestral healing energy enables her to bring an authentic power to the ceremonial space held for you.  A space where you can feel safe, secure and held as you heal yourself.

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Nicola blends her own ceremonial incense – sacred smoke blends.  These may not smell like any incense you have smelt before as they are not blended for their pretty fragrance but for their potent healing powers.  They are often blended from locally foraged ingredients at particularly energetic times such as full moons and solar events.




Depending on your individual needs, Nicola may offer anointing with oils or ceremonial foot baths as part of your Mother Blanket ceremony.  Anointing is a not massage or aromatherapy but is a ritual act of cleansing or dedication.  A ceremonial foot bath is an act of nurturance and honouring.




You should allow approximately an hour and a half for a single Mother Blanket Ceremony as it is important to allow yourself plenty of time to return to everyday reality afterwards.  In this time, we usually share tea and talk about your healing experience if you wish.  This costs £50.

You may prefer to arrange a full Mother Blanket Healing Journey which consists of as many Mother Blanket ceremonies as you wish with additional time for journal work and exploring self-healing strategies and wisdoms together.  A series of three Ceremonies costs £118.

You very welcome to phone Nicola on 07904 658 664 or email to ask more questions or to arrange a Mother Blanket Ceremony for your own healing journey.

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Nicola Nelson, Cornish Pellar