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Way of the Koi

Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher

Way of the Koi Compassionate Hypnobirthing combines Mindful self-compassion with powerful Hypnobirthing techniques, resulting in a truly transformative experience for parents.  What a wonderful way to support your clients as they embark on the journey of parenthood.

2 Day Face to Face Training

Online Hypnotherapy Module

Online Birth Foundation (anatomy & physiology)

Mentoring from Midwife & Hypnotherapist Nicola Nelson

Training leads to a fully insurable qualification

15th & 16th March 2018: Bristol

19th & 20th June 2018: Bristol

27th & 28th September 2018: Bristol

15th & 16th November 2018: Bristol


If you would like to enquire please send an email to:

or phone Nicola on 07904 658 664

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If you haven't had any previous Birth Worker training please let me know.  It is important to me that you are fully and appropriately supported as you set out on this exciting journey.  You may benefit from the Online Birth Foundation depending on your needs (which is offered free to Compassionate Hypnobirthing Students) or you may wish to do your training as a private 1 to 1 training with full and private mentorship.


Compassionate Hypnobirthing was created by Nicola Nelson, an experienced Midwife, Hypnotherapist, Compassionate Mindfulness Guide and the UK’s only Royal College of Midwives accredited Beyond Rebozo trainer.

As a Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher you will be equipped with the skills and tools and given good support to confidently guide the women you work with to explore their own, unique path through pregnancy and birth.

As a Compassionate Hypnobirthing Guide you can offer your classes either:

One on one with individuals and their birth partners

In groups  or

Via Skype

As a Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher you will also be provided with a set of tools specifically designed for teaching clients via Skype. This unique set of tools is currently not available with any other Hypnobirthing training in the UK. This enables you to reach more women and make Hypnobirthing available to so many who otherwise may not have been able to benefit from it both in terms of accessibility and cost.

By training to teach Compassionate Hypnobirthing you will be empowered to guide your clients to use a simple yet powerful set of skills that will benefit them not only at birth but also for their pregnancy and the postnatal.

Compassionate Hypnobirthing uniquely combines Hypnobirthing with Compassionate Mindfulness and each training programme includes instruction on how to teach safe Rebozo techniques from the UK’s only RCM accredited Rebozo teacher.

Before embarking on the two-day face to face training event you will complete an online foundation in Hypnosis to ensure you have a strong foundation upon which to build your Hypnobirthing skills.

You will be trained to teach women to use the following techniques:


Focused attention



Progressive muscle relaxation


Guided imagery

Exploring and managing personal fears

Positive affirmations


Outline of the course that each Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher is trained to deliver to their clients:

Session 1            

How Hypnobirthing Works (and how to manage an abreaction)

How birth works

Soft touch script

Optimizing your baby’s position

Pregnancy and birth wellbeing

Holding Space


Session 2  

Bubble Breathing

Finger drop script

Comfort measures

Rebozo scarf massage


Session 3   

Signs of labour starting

Working with birth professionals

Safe aromatherapy

Understanding interventions

Compassionate Breath

Introduction to Fear release


Session 4    

Breathing your baby down

Creating your birth plan

Journey to meet your baby (script)

Signs of labour progress

What would your baby like?

Birthing your placenta

1st hour of life

Fear Release


To assist you in guiding your clients on their Hypnobirthing journey you will have unrestricted, free use of:

All course notes and Hypnobirthing scripts to print and give out at your classes.  They combine to create a beautiful resource folder over the course of your classes.

All Mp3 audio recordings of the official Way of the Koi scripts. You are sent these files on completion of your course: no need to pay to download them each time you want to pass

             them on to your clients

Additional video resources for your clients demonstrating the breathing techniques.  These are really helpful in supporting your clients in their practice after your course with them      

             has completed

On completion of your training you will receive a set of ready built teaching tools (including

             power points, draft emails and homework sheets).


In addition to the unlimited resources listed above you will also be offered one free Reflective Supervision session within the first year of completing your training.  This can be face to face with Nicola or via Skype depending on your distance from Bristol. If you are training via the private tuition route your personal mentorship will be a bespoke package based on your individual needs.

You are also encouraged to reach out for ongoing support via the Facebook community and via email as you progress through your own journey. Just as you will learn to hold space for and offer gentle, compassionate guidance to your clients, so too will you receive the same level of nurturing attention as you travel your own path as a way of the Koi Hypnobirthing Guide.

Compassionate Hypnobirthing Teacher Training leads to a fully insurable qualification with Balens Insurance.








Amazing art work credit (Koi Mama Water Birth): Huge thanks to Brittney Pelloquin / for giving her kind permission so generously.